Thursday, November 12, 2015

Animal Magic Tricks (part 1 of 2)

Some magicians use animals when they perform a show. Do you know how they do it? Well it’s pretty easy and you can also learn how to do it.

The first trick is bringing an insect back to life. For this, you will need an insect like a fly or a bee. There are two ways to catch it. First, you can swat it hard enough or catch it using a piece of paper and then putting it in the freezer because this will put them into a temporary coma.

You then put this on your windshield or a flat surface and call someone over and show the insect to them. You say that the insect is dead and that you can make it alive again.

This is done by saying a few magic words which you know does not have any effect and making a few passes with one hand until the insect suddenly wakes up and flies off.

The secret to this magic trick is being able to determine how long it takes to make the insect wake up once it has defrosted. Waving your hand helps since it will speed things up a bit. So the insect does not fly off too quickly before you come back and show this off to someone, make sure this is done under the shade.

Another animal magic trick involves pulling the head of a live chicken. For this, you will need a live chicken and  fake chicken head.

You will first present a chicken to a live audience and ask if chickens have nine lives or less just like cats. To prove your theory, you hold the chicken with one hand and then pull the head with the other. After some time, you show the severed head to the audience telling them that it is dead and that everyone shouldn’t worry because you have the power to put it back together.

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